Adam & Daysha Hubbard!

Adam and Daysha are amazing. They got married in the Logan Temple and had a sweet little luncheon at the Maddox Lodge in Brigham City. (I guess it wasn't so little, there were a TON of people there). After that they were off to Florida for a Carribean Cruise. They are such a great couple, each one compliments the other perfectly.
Best Wishes!


I don't get it...

I don't get how so much flippin adorable-ness can be bundled up into one little family. Macie, Hope and Dustin ..... you guys are my faves. Period.


The Gibby Girls!

7 GIRLS all in Blue. This family is a riot! I loved taking their family photos for them and getting to see them all together again. Their house in Preston Idaho was a beautiful backdrop as well.