Daysha & Adam Announced :)

As you can see from the three posts of announcements, I've been busy designing lately! I love it muchly.

Look @ Morgin!!

Grant Nelson

This is my cousin Shelley and Chad's new baby boy. What a cutie pie!!


Michelle & Sterling... continued....

I had to post more of these guys. We got some great shots that day. Enjoi.


Daysha & Adam

Aren't they just the cutest couple? We had a blast shooting these engagements. Adam kept cracking me up. And Daysha is just gorgeous. Can't wait for the Bridal Session and Wedding Day!


Michelle & Sterling-April 10th

So This Wedding was So Great! I took so many pictures and the best part is that I think I LOVE every single one of them. Michelle and Sterling were awesome! I really can't decide what pictures to put on here. AND, i've only edited half of them so be ready for a whole other post or two to come :)




9 months old

She keeps getting cuter everyday!