it snowed in Arizona



The Richardson Family

This family was so great! The littlest boy, James, had a bad spill at the beginning of the shoot and had a huge bruised/bloody forehead for the rest of the time. I guess that is why Photoshop was invented. He was still adorably cute though, blood and all. We only needed to give him a sucker and the smiles came right on back. 



A tradition in my family is a Norwegian food called Lefse. Both of my Mother's grandparents are from Norway. This little delight has been passed down all the way to me and my sisters and we will carry it on! (because it is delicious!)
Here is the way we do it.

Cutting Board.
Mashed Potatoes
The Beloved Recipe
Chill the Potatoes (right next to the jimmy dean's sausage for stuffing if possible)
Make the mix and get ready to roll.
The best roller of lefse ever. My Mom
Use this handy dandy wooden stick thing to scoop it up...

and put it on the skillet

Watch it brown like a tortilla

lay on cheesecloth

Oh, and here is my cute little dad making his phenomenal fudge.
buttery goodness...
the chocolate fudge. I could eat a whole pan.

Back to the lefse... smother it in butter and load sugar on it. roll it up like a taco and EAT!


The Hardy's

What a fun shoot! We did just the kids from two families, they are all cousins. It was perfect because we all know that sometimes adults just ruin pictures :)